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The Beta:

Download our free app and give other people’s money to your favorite charity! Adora sends uplifting messages to your mobile lock screen. Businesses sponsor these messages, and Adora gives half to the charity you choose.

AdoraSystemOur app is in beta, which means it needs some love and care to be all it can be. Help us get 10,000 downloads by Valentine’s Day and we can build a better app for you!

How can you help?

  1. Download Adora on your smartphone
  2. Ask your friends to download it too
  3. Send us feedback on how we can make the app better
  4. BONUS: Setup your profile in the app using zip code 00000 (five zeroes) -you’ll get test messages and have more chances to give feedback
  5. ROCKSTAR: If you don’t see your favorite charity listed in the Adora app yet, please help us get them onboard (it’s free). Have an authorized charity representative signup here.

Adora Beta Feedback

Thanks for your help enabling Adora to do more good!

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