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Frequently Answered Questions

Q: What is Adora?

A: Adora is a business with a simple mission: “Do Good” by making it fun and easy to support charities, powered by businesses.

Q: How does Adora work?

A: The free Adora app is a new and innovative way for charities to raise money while helping businesses become associated with worthy causes:


  • Businesses build better brands with goodwill from helping charities
  • App users get to donate to their favorite cause at no cost to them or the charity
  • Charities get a new way to raise awareness, receive consistent funding and do more good

This is definitely a new way to “Do Good.” It is a win-win-win – all parties benefit. Here is how it works:

  1. Your supporters download the free Adora app to their mobile device at com/download, complete their profile and select your charity as their favorite cause.
  2. Adora sends uplifting notifications to their mobile lock screen.
  3. Businesses sponsor these notifications.
  4. Adora gives half of the sponsorship fee to the charity they selected – You get half the sponsorship fee!

Q: Is there any cost involved in working with the Adora Charity Program?

A: No, Adora’s charitable endeavors cost charities and nonprofits nothing – everything is FREE!

Q: What charities are qualified to get support on Adora?

A: Any charity the IRS confirms to be tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 currently is eligible to receive support from our app users. We look to further emphasize those charities that make a unique and lasting impact. It’s important to us that all charities meet a standard of action, excellence and originality for causes that help people. Qualifications for more support opportunities include:


  • Integrity: We like to promote charities with proven track records that we can recommend in good faith.
  • Impact: We feature charities that make a distinct impact in their fields, whether they use proven methods or find new ways to Do Good.
  • Trust: We want Charities featured on our platform to make sure they allocate their funds in an effective, transparent and trustworthy way.

Q: Will the Adora App show ads that are inconsistent with the values of our charity or nonprofit?

A: No, we don’t show ads, but we do send cause marketing messages. We screen businesses that sponsor Adora notifications to ensure their message is wholesome, encouraging, and appropriate. If the notifications we send you hurt your cause, it damages our brand too. We’re in this together!

Adora does not enter into messaging agreements in the following business categories:

  • Gambling
  • Firearms/Munitions
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Pornography

Under no circumstances will Adora allow the promotion of products, programs, or services that promote, focus on, or primarily use the following:

  • Sexually Explicit Materials
  • Violence
  • Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, or age
  • Illegal Activity
  • Infringement or violation of any other entity’s intellectual property rights

Q: How does funding from Adora fit in with my other fundraising efforts?

A:  The Adora App is a new way to raise funds. It can work in addition to and in collaboration with all of your other fundraising efforts.

Q: In terms of a funding pyramid, where does Adora fit in?

A: Adora indirectly affects the entire funding pyramid. Your Adora contributions will be generated proportionate to the mobile device use demographics of your supporters.

Q: Which charities would not benefit from the Adora app?

A: Even for charities and nonprofits that are great at recruiting funds in the form of planned giving and have great success with large government grants, corporate gifts, and big dollar annual donors, there is still much to be gained by an affiliation with Adora and the social inertia that we can bring to our charity partners.

Q: How can a charity get the most out of a relationship with Adora?

Adora-Charity-Starter-Kit-CoverA:  The more Adora app users a charity has, the more financial support that charity will receive! A charity gets the most benefit by engaging those who support their cause, especially those who already donate or volunteer their time. This means charities will use the same means they already use to engage their base, plus any additional means of social media possible. Adora has prepared tools to help you in the Getting Started Kit for charities found in the Public Charity Folder – URL:

Becoming a Champion Charity with Adora – those with over 1,000 Adora app users with their charity selected – unlocks even more benefits:

  • Featured prominently on Adora’s web site
  • Featured in the free Adora app charity selection screen
  • Featured in Adora’s social media posts
  • Featured in Adora promotional videos
  • Free message sent via the Adora app platform
  • Dollar-a-Download event sponsorship
We want you at the top of the Leaderboard! Imagine if millions of people downloaded the app and chose YOU as the charity they support each month. Why not?

Follow this link to sign up as new Adora App charity!

Adora's Getting Started Kit, along with the above Frequently Answered Questions and other resources, can be found in this Public Folder.Feel free to download these resources, and don't hesitate to ask for anything else that may be helpful.

We look forward to partnering with you to fund your important work!